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The Heavy Equipment and Accessories Dealer You Can Depend On

Make Winters Leasing and Equipment Sales LLC. in Montville, Ohio your number one source for heavy equipment, machine parts, and accessories. Our primary brands include YANMAR and RedMax, but we are also an authorized dealer for about 20 other manufacturers of construction and agricultural products.

Accessories Available:

  • Paladin Attachments
  • Cummings & Bricker, Inc. Products
  • Interstate Batteries
  • HLA Attachments
  • TAG Manufacturing
  • Werk-Brau Co., Inc.
  • Weatherhead Hose Fittings

YANMAR Products

Since 1912, YANMAR has been making efficient and economical equipment that are both versatile and durable. Today, the company has become a world leader in the manufacturing of diesel engines and compact construction equipment. From compact excavators and backhoes to wheel loaders and track carriers, YANMAR knows construction equipment like no other company.

No matter what the application is, YANMAR offers the construction equipment that you deserve, with the quality and reliability that you’ve come to know and trust.


Work effortlessly in narrow spaces with our smallest excavator. A tenacious worker, the SV08-1B is unfazed by housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe-laying, landscaping, and other challenges in hard-to-reach places.

Adjustable width tracks let you maneuver through gaps as narrow as 2 ft.-3 in. and a variable undercarriage lets you work safely on slopes and steps. In addition, it uses an environmentally friendly 10.3 hp Tier 4 Final engine with clean exhaust and very low noise.

  • Weight: 2348
  • Horsepower: 10.3 hp
  • Digging Depth: 5 ft. 4 in.


o space. No problem.

With this compact, zero tail swing mini excavator, you can work almost anywhere, even in tight, narrow areas. But its small stature doesn’t sacrifice power. The 14.5 hp final Tier 4 diesel engine gives you the power you need to complete difficult jobs, with exceptional lifting capacity and bucket digging force that belies its size.

Plus, YANMAR’s unique, sturdy variable undercarriage provides extra flexibility, stability, and safety.

  • Weight: 3836 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 14.5 hp
  • Digging Depth: 7 ft. 7 in.


Go places bigger excavators can only dream about.

If you work in tight residential or inner city jobsites, you need an excavator that fits through narrow openings and works comfortably in tight quarters. Meet the new ViO25-6A. This true zero tail swing excavator works anywhere you can fit the tracks. It also comes with a 20.4 hp Tier 4 Final engine that provides great power for its size, with less environmental impact.

We apologize if it gives those bigger excavators nightmares.

  • Weight: 5919 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 20.4 hp
  • Digging Depth: 9 ft.


The most advanced excavator ever built by YANMAR, this features the advanced zero tail swing technology. Moreover, the ViO35-6A is fitted with an electronic Tier 4 engine that meets emissions regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter.


It also comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operation efficiency, which means the new ViO35-6A can now deliver up to 20% less fuel consumption than previous models.


The YANMAR ViO35-6A is the most productive and versatile excavator you can buy.

  • Weight: 7905 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 24.4hp
  • Digging Depth: 11 ft. 3 in.


Get power, speed, and dependability in one convenient package.

In 1993, YANMAR introduced the world’s first zero tail swing excavator. Today, the ViO45-6A turns completely within its own tracks, with the stability of a conventional excavator. This allows you to trench and dig in tight spaces that other types of excavators can’t go.

Add to that a new 39 hp Final Tier 4 YANMAR diesel engine that sacrifices none of the legendary power and unmatched fuel efficiency that’s been part of YANMAR’s legacy for more than 100 years, and you’ll always be the guy they call when conditions are the toughest.

  • Weight: 10373 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 39 hp
  • Digging Depth: 11 ft. 8 in.


Enjoy power, flexibility, and stability in one small machine.

For more than 100 years, YANMAR has crafted some of the world’s most powerful, fuel-efficient engines. The 47.6 hp turbocharged Tier 4 Final diesel engine in the new ViO55-6A is no exception. YANMAR has also pioneered some of the industry’s most innovative technology, including the first zero tail swing excavator.

Today, the ViO55-6A is one of the most rugged, flexible machines you can have to work effectively in the extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach. Add the balance and stability of a conventional excavator and you’ve got one of the best values around.

  • Weight: 11850 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 47.6 hp
  • Digging Depth: 12 ft. 9.5 in.


Coming Soon


Get raw power in a surprisingly nimble package.

Don’t underestimate the SV00-2A. With the new 72 hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine, it offers the raw power, digging force, and lifting capacity you need for tough jobs. But aside from that, it can fit inside those tight, confined jobsites from which bigger excavators have to meekly back down.

With a small, tight-turning radius in both the front and rear, the boom bracket stays entirely within the tracks. You get the versatility to take on any job, while leaving the limitations for those other excavators.

  • Weight: 21550 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 72 hp
  • Digging Depth: 14 ft. 10 in.


Do more in less time.

You can’t afford to waste time with machines that don’t have what it takes. When you use the YANMAR S165R-1 Skid Steer, you get the power and fuel efficiency you need to complete a wide variety of jobs other machines back down from.

Whether you’re using it to dig up stumps or carry heavy loads, you’ll always know you have the versatility to get a lot more done in less time.

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 1650 lbs. (758 kg)

  • Net Power: 68.4 hp (51 kW) @ 2800 rpm
  • Operating Weight – Approx: 6122 lbs. (2777 kg)
  • Lift Height: 119 in. (3023 mm)


Construction Equipment | Skid Steers

Finally, something that has everything you want in a skid steer, including Tier 4 Final.

When you own an S190R-1 Skid Steer Loader, you don’t get 10 different machines. But it sure seems that way. With a new 68.4 hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine, this skid steer can face whatever challenge the day throws at you. This workhorse will help you knock out any job, such as lifting more than 2 tons into a truck or trailer to hitching up different types of attachments.

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 1900 lbs. (862 kg)

  • Net Power: 68.4 hp (51.0 kW) @ 2500 rpm
  • Operating Weight – Approx.: 6880 lbs. (3121 kg)
  • Lift Height: 120.5 in (3061 mm)


Have a skid steer that lifts, hauls, digs, dumps, sweeps, grinds, and plows.

You’ll run out of jobs before you run into something the S220R-1 Skid Steer Loader can’t do. Whether you’re unloading a large number of pallets from countless trucks, removing a forest full of stumps, or moving tons of snow, the S220R-1 gives you both the power and versatility to get the job done.

And YANMAR’s new powerful 70.7 hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine is not only highly fuel efficient, but it’s also just a little bit better for the environment, too.

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 2200 lbs. (998 kg)

  • Net Power: 70.7 hp (52.7 kW) @2500 rpm
  • Operating Weight – Approx: 7980 lbs. (3620 kg)

  • Lift Height: 123 in. (3124 mm)


Don’t be one of those guys that back off from tough jobs.

Start every day knowing that no matter what it brings, you can handle it. With a towering lift height of 130.3 in, the YANMAR S270V-1 Skid Steer can lift and drop off 2700 lbs. into just about anything. And when you’re not carrying heavy loads really high, the S270V-1 can put more attachments to use than you have jobs to do.

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 2700 lbs. (1225 kg)

  • Net Power: 70.7 hp (52.7) @ 2500 rpm
  • Operating Weight – Approx.: 8150 lbs. (3697 kg)

  • Lift Height: 130.3 in. (3310 mm)


Conditions say no. You say yes.

With YANMAR’s T175-1 Compact Track Loader, you can work efficiently in mud, sand, or environmentally sensitive ground. You get the same raw power, lift height and versatility of our skid steers, but with high-strength rubber tracks for incomparable traction and less surface damage. So you can get into and out of a site quicker and neater than ever before.

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 1750 lbs. (794 kg)

  • Net Power: 68.4 hp (51 kW) @ 2500 rpm
  • Operating Weight – Approx.: 8605 lbs. (3903 kg)

  • Lift Height: 127.5 in. (3239 mm)


This is the machine that will make you everyone’s go-to guy.

Extra horsepower or greater lift height often goes a long way to help save the day. You get both, along with traction for muddy, uneven surfaces, in this compact track loader. Plus, when your job calls for more than just loading and lifting, it can run just about any kind of attachment you can think of.

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 2100 lbs. (953 kg)

  • Net Power: 70.7 hp (52.7 kW) @ 2500 rpm
  • Operating Weight – Approx.: 9890 lbs. (4486 kg)

  • Lift Height: 128 in. (3251 mm)


Never met a challenge it couldn’t handle.

Laying down the law on mounds of rocks and dirt or quickly moving piles of fertilizer from point A to point B is easy when you’re working with the power and performance of the V4 articulated wheel loader.

This YANMAR product comes with a 40.9 hp water-cooled diesel engine that can take on jobs you might think would require a bigger machine. Couple that with a more comfortable, operator-friendly cab and this compact loader always comes up big when you need it most.

  • Weight: 8322 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 40.9 hp.
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.65 sq. yd.


Tight job sites are no problem!

With a payload capacity of 2500 lbs and a 3 Way dump bed, the C12R is the perfect machine for the most difficult of jobs. The C12R is a low ground pressure machine that will go most anywhere. Compact design and a width of 37" allow the C12R to go where most can't. Powered by a 2 cylinder diesel, this fuel efficient machine is ready for any challenge.


When you need to move material in a hurry, the C30R-3 is the machine you choose. With an operating weight of 5,215 lbs and a payload capacity of 5,500 lbs, the C30R-3 is as strong as it is agile. With an updated hydraulic system and dual drive motors, the C30R-3 has an incredibly tight turning radius. The redesigned machine also inherits a swivel dump for 2018.


Use something that’s built for the toughest jobs on earth.

Dump trucks are great if they reach the jobsite. But low ceilings, swampy or soft ground, snow and steep slopes can keep them from getting a job done. Not with the C50R-3C. This durable carrier is right at home in conditions where others can’t operate because of its rubber tracks, high-flotation capabilities, and all-terrain versatility.

Even in places where it’s impossible or dangerous to turn, the seat and travel levers turn 180 degrees together so you’re always moving forward. Take a seat. You’ll quickly see that conditions don’t decide whether a job gets done; only you do.

  • Weight: 11662 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 96.5 hp
  • Max Payload: 8380 lbs.

Bull Series

Travel on the jobsite on a YANMAR utility task vehicle. Choose from two Bull Series models:

  • YU700 MP Model: The Longhorn edition includes two rows with six individual seats.
  • YU700G Standard Model: Our standard Bull model has one row with three individual seats.
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